TCL True Intelligent AC Launched in Ghana
On MAR 8, being one of the top leading giant electric enterprises group and air conditioner manufacturers in China, TCL held its 2019 Ghana NPI in Accra. Over 120 attendees participated in the event.
Latest series of true intelligent air conditioners introduced included the Elite series, which was its top selling models in the global market. Curvy and texture side design creates an image of concise and characteristic of times. Condensate water system was optimized to ensure no water flow by the PCB box, preventing water leakage and electricity hazard. New air duct system and volute tongue design increase its cooling efficiency and reduce its noise level. Square PCB and PCB box design make its maintenance much more easier. Dual drainage pipe makes it more flexible during installation.
TCL air conditioners performance booster Miracle series were also showcased at the scene. It is outstanding for its high cooling efficiency. Enlarged air inlet and outlet enable it to operate in extra low noise.
The Director of TCL Ghana, Felix Ahonzo said they are delighted to provide customers with more intelligent and affordable products. “This is exactly what the TCL brand represents, CREATIVITY and INNOVATION to delight our customers unceasingly”. They hope to improve consumers’ user-experience with more high-tech & top-quality products.
In 2018, TCL’s export of air conditioners rose rapidly for consecutive years and listed top 3 among China AC industry. It has been regarded as one of the fastest growing air conditioner enterprises in China. 'SMART AIR WE ENJOY', TCL Air-conditioner has been fully engaged in providing best air conditioner solutions to global users, which is good-looking, highly reliable, highly cost-effective and true intelligent.