The 2019 Dealers’Conference Thailand Was Held in Bangkok

From FEB 24 to MAR 6, the 2019 Thailand Dealers’ Conferences were held in Chiengmai, Khon Kaen, Suratthani and Bangkok. Over 400 attendees participated in these conferences.

Being one of the fastest growing air conditioner manufacturers in China, TCL air conditioners have been launched in Thailand for more than 5 years. Relying on its consolidated industry capability, perseverant R & D investment and increasing brand reputation, TCL air conditioners have been more and more recognized by users in the market.

Speech by Tommy Yang

During the conference, Tommy Yang, the general manager of TCL Thailand, firstly gave introduction to TCL’s excellent business performance in Thailand, attributed by TCL’s continuous growing product capability and satisfactory customer services. As Mr. Alex Ma, Air-conditioner managing director of TCL Thailand, mentioned, in 2018, when the Thailand air conditioner market was declined, the sales of TCL air conditioners raised over 230% against the trend.

Presentation From Alex Ma

As one of the major products of TCL, the exports of TCL air conditioners listed top 3 among China air conditioner industries. TCL air conditioners delivered to the public with its brand image of good-looking, highly reliable, highly cost-effective and true intelligent. In 2018, TCL T-SMART Series air conditioner was awarded the 2018 IDEA revealed by the Industrial Designers Society of America. It was also awarded the IDG Special Recommendation Air Conditioner Award during the 2018 IFA Expo Germany. TCL air conditioners were impressive for the advanced technologies of gentle cool wind system, 60℃ strong cooling in high ambient temperature, rapid cooling in 30″ & rapid heating in 60″, high temp. self-cleaning, etc., providing outstanding user-experience of temperature, air flow, cleanliness, humidity and energy-saving.  

Presentation of Pongsak (sales manager )

Products as the root, services as the base. In 2019, TCL plans to further increase its aftersales service coverage in town & county, strengthen its service network and provide more reliable service for TCL air conditioner users, aiming to raise its sales to a much higher extent.

Presentation of Junzuo Li, after-sell-service manager

Awarding Ceremony

Famous Celebrity Am Saowalak Was Invited to the Scene