TCL Air Conditioner

TCL Air-conditioner is one of the core industries of TCL. There are 3 air conditioner manufacturing bases and 1 SKD factory in Zhongshan. The 1st one was established in 1999which produce air conditioner outdoor unit, the 2nd one was established in 2012, which produce air conditioner outdoor unit. The annual production capacity can reach to 7 million sets. TCL has a joint venture with Italy Delonghi group to produce portable air conditioner and dehumidifier, the annual production capacity is 1 million pcs. Besides these 3 bases in Zhongshan, TCL has another base in Wuhan city of Hubei province & Jiujiang city of Jiangxi Province, 1 manufacturing base in Indonesia and 1 manufacturing base in Brazil. For TCL A/C, the total annual production capacity is 17 million.

TCL air-conditioner has now become one of the leading air conditioner manufacturers in China, producing all kinds of residential air conditioner, commercial air conditioner, portable air conditioners, dehumidifiers and compressors.

In order to adapt to changes in the global market development, TCL Air-conditioner has been improving its global business layout and overseas market shares, such as starting its entertainment marketing with several famous Hollywood film production companies, to sponsor and plant in various movies. In major markets, in particular, TCL also sponsored for sport games. In the future, TCL will further increase its investment and resources in these markets and to further increase its brand influence.

Also, TCL AC has been unifying its resources of TCL air conditioner, refrigerator, washing machine and small home appliances to hit the market with a complete product package in the field of white goods. Driven by product capability, efficiency, user-orientation and innovation, TCL will provide customers with more delicate and crafted products with ultimate user experience.

Going forward to the 2017, by following the continuous increase in both brand images and global market shares, it is believed that TCL Air-conditioner can provide user with better and better air conditioner products with brilliant user experience. 

A Rapidly Developed Top Listed Air Conditioner Manufacturer In China