Elegant TCL Air Conditioner Spotlighted In Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Elegant TCL Air Conditioner Spotlighted In Atlanta, Georgia, USA

The 2019 AHR Expo is kicked-off today.It has returned to Atlanta for the first time since 2001. TCL Air Conditioners launched its latest series of elegant products at the expo., which is the industrys largest HVACR event. Over 2,100 exhibitors can be expected each year in this amazing event full of technological advancements in refrigerating, air quality, IOT, etc.


Aiming to lead air conditioners into a new era of true intelligence, TCL has undertaken a series of big moves to upgrade its product capability. Products with delicate design, strict process control, accurate means of detection and lean production has been continuously launched in the global market, reflected by its rapidly growing market competitiveness and sales. In 2017, its overall sales exceeded 10 million sets and in 2018, its exports were listed No. 3 for consecutive years in China AC industry.


T-SMART Series

Excellence Comes From Hard Work

One of its sport-light air conditioners is the T-SMART series, which was awarded the 2018 International Design Excellence Award (IDEA), as chosen by the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA).  


Exquisitely designed with elegant side curves, high-gloss modeling panels and a well-made louver with tiny gaps when it is shut. It is also built with 1,372 micro holes on its vanes, to generate gentle and soft air flow. This gentle cold wind system is original in the Chinese AC industry.


There was also a showcase for the premier ERA series, which was outstanding for its industry-leading inverter technologies, including rapid cooling to 18 (64.4 ) in 30 and rapid heating to 40 (104 ) in 60. Patented air-cooled electric control box technology enables the unit to have no cooling capacity decline in 50 (122 ) and non-stop in cooling in 60 (140 ). Its largest model can even cool out to a maximum of 24 meters (78.7 ft).



Performance Booster 

As TCLs performance booster, the Miracle Series is outstanding for its high efficiency and very low decibel rating. Its unique feature of 3E (Easy Assembly, Installation & Maintenance) can provide a better solution to not only users, but also dealers and maintenance. It also introduced the innovative GEN mode, in which the operating current can be limited at 3 levels, which can save energy while maintaining proper cooling. It is also suitable for areas lacking power and controlled by an electric generator.

ELITE Series

Top Seller

Not only does the Elite Series AC have features of isolated condensation flow, fireproof electric control box and others, it can also connect to the Smart App for energy consumption management.

One of its outstanding features is the quota electricity. Users will be able to set how much electricity they want to use. Also, under the quota temperature mode, the air conditioner will run to the set temperature in the most energy-saving way possible. Through the smart APP, users will be able to monitor electricity consumption in a historical diagram and see how theyre saving money.

Spotlighted Window Type Air Conditioner

As one of TCLs major products, TCL has launched series of window type AC in the US market, including the UH, UG, and TTW series. Their excellent features include a compact design, its low noise operation while maintaining excellent cooling capability, and attributed by its optimized duct system. A top discharge enables it to provide up to an 8-way air flow. These ACs also have an ECO mode available for extra energy-saving while enjoying comfortable cooling at home, especially during the night. It can also be controlled through TCL smart APP, or Alexa voice control for those models with wi-fi function.


Portable Air Conditioner & Dehumidifiers That Are More Suitable For Users

TCLs portable air conditioners and dehumidifiers are manufactured by a joint venture with veteran enterprise, Delonghi. This has allowed to TCL to expand globally throughout many markets. The latest models displayed at the booth included the TCL R08, HA series portable AC and DET, DEA, DEF series dehumidifiers, all of which were designed with fashionable & concise outlook, convenient installation & application, and low operating noise.

TCL Intelligent FreeMatch

Today is the first day and it is impressive to us, as booth traffic was much higher compared to last year, and we have already been working on several new orders after our negotiations today, feedback from the TCL staff at the booth. Having a more recognized brand image of TCL air conditioners with reinforced product capability, we should expect another large growth in 2019.