【Smart Air We Enjoy】 TCL Air Conditioners Awarded The ‘Good Product Award’

Smart Air We Enjoy – TCL Air Conditioners Awarded The ‘Good Product Award’

On the 16th Jan, hosted by the China Household Electric Appliance Research Institute (CHEARI), the 2018 China Household Electric Appliance Summit and awarding ceremony of “Good Products” was held in Beijing, China.

Under the theme of ‘C-level Good Product, Crafted By Premier Quality”, it was released series of “Good Product Awards”, covering TCL delicate split air conditioners FR Series and MY series, which impressed the audience with their outstanding design, advanced technologies and highly reliable quality.

Good Air Conditioners - Pursuit of perfection always need extra hard work of product development.

 Spending over 10 years on building up its brand quality, TCL Air Conditioner now focus on the delicate products, which create new drives for its business growth.” To TCL, good air conditioners shall comprises of three aspects, which are delicate fashion (perfect design), advanced technology (accurate algorithm) and characteristic of times (intelligence).


In 2018, TCL air conditioner released the new brand concept “Smart Air We Enjoy" and launched series of new intelligent air conditioners, included the representative flagship product – T-Smart Series.

Good Product Award – TCL FR Series Air Conditioner

Good Product Award – TCL MY Series Air Conditioner

Under the product planning strategy of ‘High Reliability, Good-looking, High Competitive, True Intelligence’, TCL air conditioners have been impressive for its outstanding rapid cooling/heating, strong cooling in high ambient temp., high temp. self-cleaning, smart energy consumption management, etc., aiming to provide air conditioners that is most suitable to global users.