TCL-Exclusive Sponsorship With 'The Growing Of The Great Brand’

"The Growing Of The Great Brand” are documentaries that produced by the CCTV China, deeply analyzes the core genes of great brands in China.

In 2019, TCL continues to be its exclusive sponsor for the 3rd consecutive year. Being the pioneer of proceeding globalized strategies in China industries, TCL is now widely recognized by the consumers and the markets.

TCL shared its valuable experience of global marketing and branding at the 2018 Great Brand Summit that hosted by CCTV

In 2018, TCL ranked high among Chinese Global Brand Builders Top 50, Forbes Digital 100, Chinese Brand Value Top 100 and the other authoritative lists. The brand value of TCL keeps increasing steadily and reached 87.98 billion CNY (about 12.9 billion USD), increased by 9% compared to last year.

By following its perseverant globalization strategies, TCL has undertaken series of big moves on promoting its brand images worldwide, such as the sponsors of the NBA’s Minnesota Timberwolves and Lynx, the iconic Rose Bowl stadium, Philippine Basketball Association (Philippines), etc. It also works with entertainment industry partners including Hollywood’s TCL Chinese Theatre, The Ellen Show, and the popular Warner Bros, etc.

In 2018, TCL also appointed Neymar JR as its brand ambassador. Massive advertising collaterals in collaboration with Neymar as the ambassador had been launched in its terminals shops, social media, journals, and billboards worldwide, offering consumers a more exciting and a more superior user-experience of TCL products such as air conditioners.

Looking forward to the year 2019, by combining its “Soft power” (Product) and “Hard power” (Brand), a strong TCL brand can surely be expected in the global market.

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