TCL Upgraded Smart Air Conditioners Spotlighted in the 125th Canton Fair

The 125th Spring China Import and Export Fair stared from April 15th, since the first day, groups of customers have been attracted for TCL’s full ranges of intelligent products such as air conditioners, generating the smart home living with whole scene AI. Smart air conditioners showcased included the split type, floor standing, window AC, portable AC, free match, new outdoor unit, dehumidifier, etc.


Being one of the major drives for creating TCL whole scene AI living experience for global users, TCL air conditioners has been upgraded to be more and more suitable for users. Smart Air We Enjoy – Nowadays, TCL air conditioners are outstanding for its excellent user-experience of brilliant design, temperature, air flow comfort, air cleanliness, humidity & energy-saving, providing best smart life experience in the TCL whole scene AI environment.


The new arrival of T-Smart & FR series, in particular, were awarded the IDEA award in 2018, reveal by the Industrial Designers Society of America. They impressed visitors with their high-gloss panel, delicate curvy and layered side panel make it more characteristic compared to other ordinary air conditioners. Complete closing louvers were crafted as precise as 0.3mm intervals. In order to provide better air flow comfort, they are also designed with the gentle cool wind system, which can diffuse harsh wind their 14 blades and 1330 micro holes, to provide comfortable, gentle and soft laminated air flow to users.


TCL also brought with its full series new split air conditioner at the booth, including the Elite series, Miracle series and Era series. Beside their fashionable and concise design, excellent features include rapid cooling in 30 & rapid heating in 60, 8 chill wind and 50 hot wind for better experience of temperature, smart air flow & vector precision air flow for better experience of air flow comfort, 55 high temperature self-cleaning & filter cleaning reminder for better air cleanliness, comfortable cooling for better humidity, smart energy-consumption management for better energy-saving experience, etc.

Better product, more intelligent features and smarter user-experience to users, have brought more traffic to TCL’s booth with more potential orders compared to last year, said by one of its employees at the scene. Driven by more delicate products, crafted manufacturing and smarter innovation, it can be expected for another rapid sales growth for TCL’s smart air conditioners in the global AC markets.